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The Annapolis Podcast

Nov 4, 2016

This week's guest on The Annapolis Podcast is Cara McKendrick. Cara is also called "Annapolis Fork" because she is a food blogger. Cara talks to host Scott MacMullan about her passion knowledge of the Annapolis food scene. She talks about trying safron for the first time to her love for one particular bologna sandwich in Annapolis. She describes artichokes, picks her favorite crabcake sandwich, talks "Cheffy Community Colloborations" between restaurants and discusses the evolution of Annapolis food and where she would like the city's food direction to go. Cara describes her dream Annapolis restaurant and tells us where her go-to breakfast, coffee, lunch, happy hour, dinner and late night spots are in Annapolis. WARNING: Some of Cara's food descriptions are not suitable for children. DOUBLE WARNING: Host Scott MacMullan makes two incredibly cheesy/bad jokes in this interview.

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Annapolis Fork