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The Annapolis Podcast

Sep 20, 2016

This week's guest on The Annapolis Podcast is Annapolis Mayor Mike Pantelides. We talk about how he is a 3rd generation Annapolitan and his family history in the city. We talk about current issues, such as Crystal Springs, the Market House and crime in Annapolis. Finally, we talk about his thoughts on the future of Annapolis. Please listen, share this podcast episode on social media and subscribe to the podcast on Itunes. Finally, please leave us a review on Itunes. 

The Annapolis Podcast would like to thank our show sponsor Scarborough Capital Management. Please check out and like their Facebook page. Scarborough Capital has recently sponsored the West Annapolis Music and Arts Festival. The firm is truly a partner to our great city! Greg Ostrowski is the firm's managing partner and he and his colleagues can help you out with financial advice. Please support our sponsor by visiting their website at