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The Annapolis Podcast

Dec 6, 2016

This week's guest on The Annapolis Podcast is Jay Fleming. Jay has spent the past three years actively documenting all aspects of the fascinating and rapidly changing way of life of those who make their living from the resources of the Chesapeake Bay. He has travelled thousands of miles around the Bay's watershed, photographed hundreds of individuals, and dozens of fisheries: with the goal of documenting all aspects of the industry. From underwater shots of watermen diving for oysters, to crabs shedding their shells, to incredibly poignant portraits of workers in packing houses, Jay will illustrate the full spectrum of the industry in his first book, Working the Water. Fleming hopes that his documentation will accurately depict the different businesses that depend on the water as well as portray the cultures on and around the water. 

Please listen, share and subscribe to the podcast. Next week's guest is former Mayor Cohen. He answers the question what he would have done differently in his last mayoral election.