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The Annapolis Podcast

Jun 22, 2017

Host Scott MacMullan interviews Judy Buddensick, the Principal at Frances Marketing Group, LLC. Things we discussed: 1. Her playing host family to many Midshipmen over the years. 2. Her tenure at WRNR radio station. 3. Her new marketing firm, Frances Marketing Group, LLC. Thing we don't discuss: Her many hours of volunteer work for "Midnight Madness" in Annapolis. Judy is an incredibly genuine woman with some great Annapolis tales to tell. Please listen, share and subscribe! 


Host Scott MacMullan is running for County Council in Annapolis (Annapolis Neck Penninsula, including the City, Sherwood Forest and Crownsville.)

Check out and get engaged with his campaign here:


By Authority: Friends of Scott MacMullan; Treasurer, Joseph Donahue