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The Annapolis Podcast

Mar 5, 2016

This week's guest on The Annapolis Podcast is the infamous Comedian/Marketer Tim Hamilton. Being the first guest to come on to the podcast twice, Tim doesn't disappoint. After two weeks of the flu, I decided to change this podcast up a bit and go "Barbara Walters" on Tim and walk and talk to him around Annapolis. We bump into the Maryland Senate President, among other local sights and luminaries on our walk of Downtown Annapolis. What happens when we see the Senate President is just something you can't make up.

Caution. Tim has a potty mouth so this one might not be appropriate for everyone.


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seven and a half years ago

Reserved parking is growing all the time. It used be a nice big chunk of parking for business on Maryland Ave and the circle. In a remarkable demonstration of how out of touch they are with the plight of retail stores downtown, the city offered to shuttle shoppers in from the stadium. Wouldn't it make better sense to make the lawmakers park there?