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The Annapolis Podcast

Jan 13, 2017

This week's guest on The Annapolis Podcast is Janice Hayes-Williams. Janice is a local historian who focuses on  African American History. We talk about desegregation in Annapolis as it applied to the schools. She talks about how she wanted to know more about the community that she grew up in and that led to her researching her history. We talk about how where you cohabitate is where you copulate and how this influenced Annapolis history. Janice talks about how there has been consistent representation of African American's on Annapolis City Council since the 1800s. We discuss the reason why Annapolis has never really had strong upheaval. We talk about the nicknames of people in Annapolis. The Annapolis Janice sees today isn't the same that she grew up in. Janice talks about why there is a lack of diversity downtown and why this is so because of history. And, of course, Janice tells what she would do if she was Mayor of Annapolis. Finally, she also talks about where a teenager in the 70s went in Annapolis to get some grub. Janice is a beautiful woman, both inside and out and it was a pleasure interviewing her. Hope you enjoy it!

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