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The Annapolis Podcast

Dec 21, 2015

This week's guest on The Annapolis Podcast is none other than Former Annapolis Mayor Ellen Moyer (2001-2009). We go all the way back to the 1700's and go into Annapolis history. We talk about her personal Annapolis history, her relationship with Mayor Pip Moyer (she was previously married to him), how Annapolis has changed over the years and race relations in Annapolis in the 60's. We talk about how Annapolis is really an art gallery without walls and how Annapolis was called "the Athens of America." She also tells us about her recent Alaska road trip. She answers the question about how she thinks the current Annapolis Mayor Mike Pantelides is doing in office. We talk about the roadbloacks for development in Annapolis and what she would like to be known for as a former Mayor of Annapolis. At 79 will she ever slow down?! Please listen, share and subscribe to this fascinating episode!


Guest Ellen Moyer's Website

Host Scott MacMullan's Criminal Defense Website


(There has been chatter about setting up an Annapolitan networking series where some past guests would do a Q and A with the audience. This would be limited to subscribers to the podcast and guests of the podcast at first. Email me at if you have any thoughts or suggestions on this. Thanks.)