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The Annapolis Podcast

Feb 28, 2017

This week Scott MacMullan interviews Annapolis native Christian Smooth. Christian is a true product of Annapolis. He went to Tyler Heights Elementary School, Annapolis Middle School and, finally graduated from Annapolis High School. While at Annapolis, he was a two-time Anne Arundel County cross country champion. He went on to graduate from Morgan State University, where he began making films. Christian recently directed the film "Ration Day" which will be shown March 11th, 2017, with many other films, at the Iconaclash Cinema Review. For more information, check out the Iconaclash website here.  The back story is Christian aspired to have his film in the Annapolis Film Festival and it was rejected. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he went out and organized a new festival. You gotta respect that.

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