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The Annapolis Podcast

Sep 1, 2016

This week's guest on The Annapolis Podcast is Maestro Conductor Jose-Luis Novo of the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra. From his beginnings in music, to his fascinating description on how an orchestra is like a basketball team, Jose-Luis is one maestro of a guest. Please tune-in and listen to this satisfying podcast with Jose-Luis! (The common-guy host of this podcast really enjoyed his stories and his personality in this treasure-of-an episode.



Annapolis Symphony Orchestra


Next week: Jeff Huntington, "The Annapolis Muralist" is on the podcast. We discuss how his athletic upbringing helps him with his current art medium: murals. I ask him how drugs facilitate art (and if they do at all.) And, of course, we talk about his controversial mural above the Tsunami restaurant.