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The Annapolis Podcast

Apr 4, 2016

This week I put together a sound compilation on the recent Annapolis Film Festival. I interview Dominque Purdy, the writer and star of "Driving While Black" and ask him on his thoughts on Annapolis. Then we hear from the stars of "Becoming Bulletproof,' where a group of actors with and without disabilities gather in Los Angelos to film BULLETPROOF, a comedy Western complete with saloon brawls and scheming villains. The lead actor has Williams Syndrome and hails from Maryland. Next we hear from the director's of the film festival's films, including the Director of Blair Witch Project and a female director's perspective.  Finally, we hear from Rob Reiner, famed director of Princess Bride on the American Premier of "Being Charlie," a film loosely base on him and his son, Nick Reiner's coping with addiction. The Annapolis Film Festival has quickly become acclaimed and well known through Hollywood circles. This year's "Best of Fest" films were exceptional and unforgettable. Enjoy these sounds and check out the festival next year. Please share this with any of your film buff friends via social media.