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The Annapolis Podcast

Dec 27, 2016

This week's guest on The Annapolis Podcast is Chris Jimenez. Chris is the operations manager for the Annapolis SPCA. Chris talks to host Scott MacMullan about how he defines "a true animal lover." The beginnings of the Annapolis SPCA in the 1920s is discussed. Chris talks about how he could care less about the breed of an animal; the focus should be on the temperament of the animal. Chris and host Scott MacMullan talk about the potential law changes that could help the Annapolis SPCA. Dog fighting and the Michael Vick case are discussed, and the interesting positive spin on Vick's national case regarding dog fighting. Dog fighting and it's correlation with drugs in our city is examined. Chris discusses how the foreclosure crisis and Annapolis housing directly impacts our pet population. Service dogs, and their unique role in our city, are talked about. Finally, Chris talks about what he would do if he was Mayor of Annapolis and could help out our pet population. Please tune in, share and subscribe to the podcast. Chris is a true class act, gentleman and gentle giant, who should be continuously recognized for what he is doing at the Annapolis SPCA.