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The Annapolis Podcast

Feb 20, 2017

Host Scott MacMullan interviews Vince Leggett this week on the podcast. Vince is the founder of the Blacks of the Chesapeake Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving black maritime history and environmental advocacy. Vince's childhood was a unique mix of being "straight-out-of-east baltimore" to enjoying hunting trips to the eastern shore of Maryland with his father and brothers on weekends. These weekend trips to the Eastern Shore piqued his passion for the Chesapeake Bay. Over a 20 year period, Vince has collected a warehouse full of history on black watermen. He talks about the "contested space" that is the Chesapeake Bay. In 2003, Vince was bestowed the honor of "The Admiral of the Chesapeake" by the Governor of Maryland. This is the highest honor a Governor of Maryland can bestow on a private citizen in the environmental field. This year Captain Eldridge Meredith, a 92 year old black watermen on the Eastern Shore, has been named "The Admiral of the Chesapeake." Vince goes into the characters he has met through out his investigations and research into black watermen. He talks about his book, "The Chesapeake Bay Through Ebony Eyes." We talk about the differences and similarities between black watermen and white watermen. Vince is a brilliant man, diligent researcher and true asset to the Annapolis community.

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