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The Annapolis Podcast

Apr 10, 2016

This week's guests are the Anne Arundel Circuit Court judges who are up for election after being appointed by a governor. These current judges are Klavans, McCormack, Schaeffer and Vitale. (They are the "Final Four" on the ballot when you vote.) They all gave great insight on why we should care who are judges are. We talked about their connections to the community. These serious judges have a fun, down-to-earth side that I think you will enjoy listening to.

In the beginning of the podcast, I explain the rigorous and thorough vetting process each of them undertook to become appointed judges. These judges had to apply and interview with various specialty bars representing various ethnic, racial and gender groups, legislators and community organizations before they were able to meet with the nominating commission. The 13 member Nominating Commission was made up of Republican, Democrat and Independents, lawyers and non-lawyers who then aske questions of the candidates before the commission then determined if they were qualified to be placed on a list that was forwarded to the Governor. 

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