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The Annapolis Podcast

Feb 9, 2017

Host Scott MacMullan interviews Brian Cahalan, who owns 49 West Coffeehouse and Winebar with his wife. He talks about how their stubbornness and tenacity have kept the doors open at 49 West. We talk about how West Street went from prostitution to prosperity, and 49 West's continued struggle. Brian mentions all the famous celebs that have drank coffee in his hallowed coffeehouse. He wants to continue to make West Street more inclusive, instead of exclusive. He talks about the old Washington Hotel and how Annapolis used to be "the Harlem of the Mid-Atlantic." Finally, he tells Scott what is his favorite thing to tell/show his friends back in Iowa about Annapolis. Please tell a friend about the Annapolis Podcast!

49 West Coffeehouse and Winebar

Scott MacMullan's Website