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The Annapolis Podcast

Mar 27, 2016

This week's guest on The Annapolis Podcast is Mike Keller. Mike is a longtime member and current Chair of The Annapolis Human Relations Commission. The Commission accepts and reviews complaints on discrimination, makes recommendations regarding legislation and does community outreach. As always, we discuss the past, present and future of this commission, which was created in the early '60s. Mike has had a unique perspective of working closely with at least 6 Annapolis Mayors through the years, and we discuss their styles and effectiveness. We also talk about the commissions recent Report and Recommendations submitte to City Council on the "Relations Between Annapolis Police and the Community." Hint: Annapolis is no Ferguson, Missouri or even Baltimore for that matter. Please listen, subscribe and share this important interview with interested Annapolitans. 

The Annapolis Human Relations Website


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