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The Annapolis Podcast

Jul 31, 2020

Today's guest is Comptroller Peter Franchot. The Comptroller, who is running for Governor of Maryland, recognizes some Annapolis community heroes. We discuss MD's Tax Free Week, education, social justice issues, budget cuts, mail-in voting. facilitating homeownership for minorities, helping small business owners...

Jul 15, 2020

Leigh Rand, the Annapolis Rotary Club Crab Feast Chair this year and owner of FastSigns Annapolis, is today's guest on The Annapolis Podcast. 

The Rotary Club of Annapolis will hold “Rotary Crabs To Go!” a drive-through crab and corn fundraiser at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium on Friday, August 7, 2020.


Jul 6, 2020

Today's guest is Alex Pline. He is a member of "Team Pline" based here out of Annapolis.

Team Pline is the team of Alex and Lisa Pline in Annapolis MD. We love it here and advocate to maintain Annapolis’ livable “small city” feel. While we have day jobs, we are passionate about the about the city and the things...