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The Annapolis Podcast

Feb 1, 2017

Host Scott MacMullan talks with Chez Amis owner and operator, Elly Tierney. Elly is also the Ward One Annapolis President. Elly tells about where she recommends her guests to go see, do and eat in Annapolis. She talks about how she got interested in representing Ward One. Specifically, she got interested during the Fawcett's redevelopment plan a few years ago. Elly used to be a construction manager so this potential development piqued her interest. She talks about what she thinks should happen with the old Fawcetts building at City Dock. She discusses in detail her thoughts on the Tsunami mural. She talks about how the residents lost downtown when they lost Stevens Hardware Store. Specifically, we talk about how allowing more restaurants to be open until 2 am fueled the opening of more restaurants downtown and, subsequently, higher rents that led to the squeezing out of the "mom and pop" shops. Elly goes into depth on the one thing she would do if she was Mayor for a day in Annapolis and could get something done in the city. 

Please take a listen, tell people about the podcast and feel free to reach out if you have any suggestions!