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Welcome to the Annapolis Podcast. From 1649 to present times, every cobblestone of this seaport city has a story to tell. Please join Scott MacMullan for conversations with prominent Annapolitans to discuss these historic and contemporary stories. The Annapolis Podcast is produced and hosted by Scott MacMullan. Contact Scott with any questions or comments.
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Welcome to the Annapolis Podcast. From 1649 to present times, every cobblestone of this seaport city has a story to tell. Please join Scott MacMullan for conversations with prominent Annapolitans to discuss these historic and contemporary stories. The Annapolis Podcast is produced and hosted by Scott MacMullan. Contact Scott with any questions or comments.
Oct 26, 2017

Host Scott MacMullan interviews Doug Potash, the founder and leader of Equality Anne Arundel County. He talks about the origins of EQUAAC and what it is like to be a gay man in Annapolis. He also tells us how he started the largest Rolling Stones message board in the world. Get ready to rock with "StonesDoug" in this fun episode. Doug's day job is wealth management.

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Host Scott MacMullan is running for County Council in the Annapolis area in 2018. Please vote for Scott and follow him at

By Authority: Friends of Scott MacMullan; Treasurer, Joseph Donahue

Oct 6, 2017

This week host Scott MacMullan interviews William Rowel & Adetola Ajayi. As native Annapolitans they discuss the community they grew up in within Annapolis and the traditions and culture of their families. We discuss their fight for equity in Annapolis. Finally, we discuss what they believe the future of Annapolis holds. Please listen, share and subscribe to the podcast.


Aug 11, 2017

This week host Scott MacMullan talks to Kevin Haigis. Kevin is the Co-owner and Founder of Capital SuP, a stand up paddle boarding rental company and "water gym" with classes in Eastport. Kevin talks about the early success of his 4 year-old company. We talk about what he is doing to conserve Spa creek. He also talks about how he thinks the marina called the South Annapolis Yacht Centre should be redeveloped. In its current state, he explains, there are too many impervious surfaces which allow for stormwater runoff to pollute Spa Creek. Kevin exudes passion for Annapolis in every word in this episode. Please listen, share and subscribe to the podcast!


Aug 6, 2017

Host Scott MacMullan interviews Brett Hovington, who co-owns Capital Custom Clothiers with his wife Angie. We talk about how he and his wife got into the tailoring business. How they landed the gig tailoring the #1 NBA Draft Pick's suit and what he thinks about the future of Maryland Ave businesses. Brett wants to strengthen "the Wedding Chain" on Maryland Ave. We talk about how internet retailers, like Amazon, have influenced streets like Maryland Ave. Please listen, share and subscribe to the podcast!

Capital Custom Clothiers

Jul 20, 2017

This week host Scott MacMullan interviews L.A. born entrepreneur, restaurateur, brother of Hip-Hop Superstar LL Cool J - Ian Smith. Ian talks about growing up as the son of a "Coaster," a 1950s L.A. based rhythm and blues group and the brother of LL Cool J. He talks about his love for sailing in Annapolis. We discuss his real estate ventures and his restaurant that he is in the process of opening up on Maryland Ave or West Street in Annapolis. We discuss how Annapolis is a West Coast town on the East Coast. We talk about which Annapolis business person has similar hustle to LL Cool J and Def Jam Records. Ian Smith has lived a fascinating life and has a great, unique perspective of Annapolis. Please listen, share and subscribe to the Annapolis Podcast!

Ian's Restaurant Project for Maryland Ave or West Street: Parisi's Delicatessen

Host Scott MacMullan's Websites: 

Jun 22, 2017

Host Scott MacMullan interviews Judy Buddensick, the Principal at Frances Marketing Group, LLC. Things we discussed: 1. Her playing host family to many Midshipmen over the years. 2. Her tenure at WRNR radio station. 3. Her new marketing firm, Frances Marketing Group, LLC. Thing we don't discuss: Her many hours of volunteer work for "Midnight Madness" in Annapolis. Judy is an incredibly genuine woman with some great Annapolis tales to tell. Please listen, share and subscribe! 


Host Scott MacMullan is running for County Council in Annapolis (Annapolis Neck Penninsula, including the City, Sherwood Forest and Crownsville.)

Check out and get engaged with his campaign here:


By Authority: Friends of Scott MacMullan; Treasurer, Joseph Donahue


May 29, 2017

Host Scott MacMullan interviews Lisa Hillman this week on the podcast. Lisa was the Chief Development Officer at Anne Arundel Medical Center and is currently a board member to the Samaritan House and Pathways here in Anne Arundel County. She talks about her journey as a parent with a child addicted to opioids. We talk about her new book: "Secret No More: A True Story of Hope for Parents with an Addicted Child." Lisa also discusses what she believes is a path forward for Anne Arundel County in fighting the opioid epidemic.  Please listen, share and subscribe to the podcast! (Apologies for the audio quality of the host's microphone during this episode. Luckily, Lisa did most of the talking and I think you will find this interview fascinating.)

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Apr 18, 2017

Host Scott MacMullan interviews Sarah Knebel this week. Sarah is the outreach coordinator for the Scenic Rivers Land Trust, an organization that uses conservation easements to preserve land from being developed. She talks about how land and the Chesapeake Bay are uniquely intertwined. Sarah talks about how climate change influences are ecosystem. Scott and Sarah discuss Scenic Rivers Land Trust's signature event, "Walk for the Woods," which is happening Saturday, April 22nd at the Bacon Ridge Natural Area. The walk is a rare chance to hike and explore the scenic Bacon Ridge area near the old Crownsville Hospital. Scott and Sarah discuss the history of the area as well. Please listen, share and subscribe to the podcast!


Apr 12, 2017

Host Scott MacMullan interviews Ray Hoffmann of Ray Hoffmann Photography this week. Ray talks about being a local radio DJ in 80's and 90's in Annapolis. Ray talks about what Annapolis was like back then in the heyday of radio. The Ballet Theatre of Maryland is discussed since Ray is an active member of that organization's board. He also talks about his popular Chesapeake Bay Photography. Finally, he tells the founding story of this very podcast. Please listen, share and subscribe!

Check out Ray's Photography here.


Ballet Theatre of Maryland

Mar 31, 2017

This week's guest on The Annapolis Podcast is Jason Liggett. Jason is the co-founder of the Iconaclash Cinema Review, a local, inclusive film festival that is scheduled to be held biannually. He was born in Annapolis and spent his childhood here before moving to California. Jason, after a successful corporate career, decided to make his living through creative pursuits. One of his recent projects is creating the Iconaclash Cinema Review with recent guest on the podcast, Christian Smooth. Jason is a fascinating character and at times during this podcast, Scott and him get "deep". Please listen, share and subscribe!

Iconaclash Cinema Review

Feb 1, 2017

Host Scott MacMullan talks with Chez Amis owner and operator, Elly Tierney. Elly is also the Ward One Annapolis President. Elly tells about where she recommends her guests to go see, do and eat in Annapolis. She talks about how she got interested in representing Ward One. Specifically, she got interested during the Fawcett's redevelopment plan a few years ago. Elly used to be a construction manager so this potential development piqued her interest. She talks about what she thinks should happen with the old Fawcetts building at City Dock. She discusses in detail her thoughts on the Tsunami mural. She talks about how the residents lost downtown when they lost Stevens Hardware Store. Specifically, we talk about how allowing more restaurants to be open until 2 am fueled the opening of more restaurants downtown and, subsequently, higher rents that led to the squeezing out of the "mom and pop" shops. Elly goes into depth on the one thing she would do if she was Mayor for a day in Annapolis and could get something done in the city. 

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Jan 25, 2017

This week's guest is Former Mayor Ellen Moyer. This is Ellen's second time on the podcast and we go deeper into her role as Chair of the City's Arts in Public Places Commission. We discuss the ever-controversial Tsunami mural. We specifically touch on art in the Eastport area. Ellen answers the question, "What kind of art do we actually have in Annapolis?" We discuss the correlation between art and the local economy. We also discuss funding for the Arts in Public Places program. Finally, I ask her what would be a good question to ask her offspring in an upcoming interview. Please share this on Facebook, Twitter over email. Also, take a moment and subscribe to The Annapolis Podcast and leave us a review. 

Arts in Public Places Commission

Scott MacMullan's Website


Coming up on The Annapolis Podcast:

Ward One President, Elly Tierney

(Finalizing a few other good guests. Stay Tuned.)

Jan 13, 2017

This week's guest on The Annapolis Podcast is Janice Hayes-Williams. Janice is a local historian who focuses on  African American History. We talk about desegregation in Annapolis as it applied to the schools. She talks about how she wanted to know more about the community that she grew up in and that led to her researching her history. We talk about how where you cohabitate is where you copulate and how this influenced Annapolis history. Janice talks about how there has been consistent representation of African American's on Annapolis City Council since the 1800s. We discuss the reason why Annapolis has never really had strong upheaval. We talk about the nicknames of people in Annapolis. The Annapolis Janice sees today isn't the same that she grew up in. Janice talks about why there is a lack of diversity downtown and why this is so because of history. And, of course, Janice tells what she would do if she was Mayor of Annapolis. Finally, she also talks about where a teenager in the 70s went in Annapolis to get some grub. Janice is a beautiful woman, both inside and out and it was a pleasure interviewing her. Hope you enjoy it!

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Nov 14, 2016

This week's guest on The Annapolis Podcast is Phil Davis. Phil covers all things political and business related for The Annapolis Capital Newspaper. To say the least, he was busy this past week covering the election. From the presidential election to the local judges race, we talk about his coverage of the campaigns. We also talk about his coverage of business in Annapolis.


Please, if you haven't already done so, leave the show a 5 star rating on Itunes and tell a friend about the podcast. It's early in November and we have already eclipsed the 2500 download mark for this month. We will be adding a video component to this podcast coming in December. The guest and host Scott MacMullan will be on camera in a studio, so you can not only listen to the podcast, you can watch it as well.

Phil Davis Articles for The Capital


Next week on The Annapolis Podcast: Carroll Hynson, Jr. owner of the longest running African American business in Annapolis and all around interesting man joins host Scott MacMullan. Carroll might be pushing 80 but don't let that fool you: he has a lot of energy and charisma that I think everyone will enjoy.

Oct 23, 2016

Please enjoy a short Annapolis ghost story based in the 1700s. This is the first in a series of "stories" that myself and guests will be telling on the podcast. Please let me know if you have any interesting, creative, compelling, fun stories to tell.


Oct 9, 2016

This week's guest on The Annapolis Podcast is Councilman Chris Trumbauer. He talks to Host Scott MacMullan about meeting his wife for the first time when he was volunteering and how he is an interesting study in careers. (He worked for Department of Natural Resources for awhile, then worked as the West & Rhode Riverkeeper for 5 years. He currently works for the Hatcher Group, a communications and public affairs firm located on West Street.) He talks about how he got into politics and how he is inclusive in his leadership. The Councilman talks about one of his present resolutions that weighs in on the Federal government to detain undocumented immigrants in a local jail. (Scheduled to be voted on at the October 17th, 2016 County Council meeting.) Finally, Chris discusses what he would like to do if he was County Executive for a day (He's not running for County Executive.)

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District 6, Councilman Chris Trumbauer

Host Scott MacMullan's Website

Please support our sponsor Scarborough Capital Management. They are located right in the Towne Center and they can help you with your 401K and your financial questions. Check them out at They were also the sponsors to the West Annapolis Music and Arts Festival. A managing partner, Greg Ostrowski, is a St. Mary's high school graduate. Check them out!

Aug 22, 2016

This week's guest on The Annapolis Podcast is Kate Fritz. Kate is the South River Federation's Executive Director. The South River Federation has had a big impact on water quality restoration. Kate is a big reason why. Her charismatic leadership has led to cleaner waters for us and she tells us why and how we can further help. Please listen, share and subscribe.


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Aug 12, 2016

This week's guest on The Annapolis Podcast is Annapolis Police Detective Taylor Pyles. Detective Pyles is the founder of the Blue Ribbon Project, a nonprofit organization that focuses on helping foster children when they suddenly have to be uprooted from where they are living and have to move. The organization provides backpacks to these kids to help them basic essentials such as toothpaste and clothing. We also talk about the Annapolis Police Department and Detective Pyles' upbringing in foster care in Anne Arundel County. Please listen, share and subscribe!


Aug 8, 2016

This week's guest is the phenomenally talented, Annapolis-inspired graphic designer Joe Barsin. Joe has previously been on the podcast to discuss his many Annapolis-inspired graphic designs, his services and his products. This week Joe delves into how we brainstormed, and he created, the brand-spanking-new logo for The Annapolis Podcast. We also talk about his thoughts on Olympic logos and the First Sunday Arts Festival (which he did another stunning logo for.) Somehow Joe did the impossible and summarized the idea and the spirit of this podcast into one simple image. Hope you enjoy the new logo. Thanks, Joe Barsin! You and your wife have been great for Annapolis!

Joe's logo/graphic design work is showcased at

Joe Barsin's gift and products company, Citizen Pride, can be found here:

Aug 3, 2016

This week's guest on The Annapolis Podcast is Stephanie Smith. Stephanie had heard that a fellow photographer chose not to photograph a child with down syndrome. Stephanie has responded by donating her photographic talents to families with children with special needs. Local and national news outlets have picked up her story and this heart-warming story has gone viral on Facebook to a tune of over 40 million views. Here is the viral story. 

Lenses for Love

Scott MacMullan Law, LLC


The podcast was featured in the Sunday Annapolis Capital Newspaper:

Annapolis podcast shines light on city, residents

Jul 10, 2016

This week's guest on The Annapolis Podcast is JASON CHERRY. Jason has accomplished more than many adults 3 times his 19 years of age. He is a successful professional auto racer who has multiple sponsors. He is the owner of the new West Street entertainment business called "Mission Escape Room". An escape room is where a group of people have to escape from by solving various clues. It is great for a night out and, as Jason says, it pairs well with dinner downtown. Finally, Jason talks about the recent autism nonprofit that he started after the difficulties of growing up with an autistic older brother.

I especially think its neat that Jason has hung out at Travis Pastrana's house (Travis Pastrana is one of the most successful motorcross athletes ever.) with the fellow Annapolis area "motorhead. We talk about that and more on this week's podcast. Listen, share and subscribe!


Jason Cherry Racing

Mission Escape Rooms

Siblings of Autism

Scott MacMullan Law





Jun 13, 2016

This week's guest is Alderman Ian Pfieffer. We cover all the latest, hot city political topics and more in this episode. This is a "must-listen" for any Annapolitan. Please listen, share and subscribe.

Alderman Ian Pfieffer

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May 30, 2016

This week's guest on The Annapolis Podcast is Moses Cohen. In Biblical scripture Moses is the most important prophet of Judaism. In modern Annapolis times, Moses Cohen is a true Annapolis Prophet. Moses is the President-Elect of the Annapolis Rotaract Club, a charitable non-profit composed of under 30 year olds. He discusses what Rotary is about, networking and giving back in Annapolis and Annapolis nightlife. Listen, share and subscribe to this special "Young Annapolis" edition of The Annapolis Podcast.

Annapolis Rotaract

Scott MacMullan's Criminal Defense/Assault/DUI Website

Apr 10, 2016

This week's guests are the Anne Arundel Circuit Court judges who are up for election after being appointed by a governor. These current judges are Klavans, McCormack, Schaeffer and Vitale. (They are the "Final Four" on the ballot when you vote.) They all gave great insight on why we should care who are judges are. We talked about their connections to the community. These serious judges have a fun, down-to-earth side that I think you will enjoy listening to.

In the beginning of the podcast, I explain the rigorous and thorough vetting process each of them undertook to become appointed judges. These judges had to apply and interview with various specialty bars representing various ethnic, racial and gender groups, legislators and community organizations before they were able to meet with the nominating commission. The 13 member Nominating Commission was made up of Republican, Democrat and Independents, lawyers and non-lawyers who then aske questions of the candidates before the commission then determined if they were qualified to be placed on a list that was forwarded to the Governor. 

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4 Judges Strong Website

Scott MacMullan's Criminal Defense/Personal Injury Website

Apr 4, 2016

This week I put together a sound compilation on the recent Annapolis Film Festival. I interview Dominque Purdy, the writer and star of "Driving While Black" and ask him on his thoughts on Annapolis. Then we hear from the stars of "Becoming Bulletproof,' where a group of actors with and without disabilities gather in Los Angelos to film BULLETPROOF, a comedy Western complete with saloon brawls and scheming villains. The lead actor has Williams Syndrome and hails from Maryland. Next we hear from the director's of the film festival's films, including the Director of Blair Witch Project and a female director's perspective.  Finally, we hear from Rob Reiner, famed director of Princess Bride on the American Premier of "Being Charlie," a film loosely base on him and his son, Nick Reiner's coping with addiction. The Annapolis Film Festival has quickly become acclaimed and well known through Hollywood circles. This year's "Best of Fest" films were exceptional and unforgettable. Enjoy these sounds and check out the festival next year. Please share this with any of your film buff friends via social media. 

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