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The Annapolis Podcast

Oct 9, 2016

This week's guest on The Annapolis Podcast is Councilman Chris Trumbauer. He talks to Host Scott MacMullan about meeting his wife for the first time when he was volunteering and how he is an interesting study in careers. (He worked for Department of Natural Resources for awhile, then worked as the West & Rhode Riverkeeper for 5 years. He currently works for the Hatcher Group, a communications and public affairs firm located on West Street.) He talks about how he got into politics and how he is inclusive in his leadership. The Councilman talks about one of his present resolutions that weighs in on the Federal government to detain undocumented immigrants in a local jail. (Scheduled to be voted on at the October 17th, 2016 County Council meeting.) Finally, Chris discusses what he would like to do if he was County Executive for a day (He's not running for County Executive.)

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District 6, Councilman Chris Trumbauer

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