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The Annapolis Podcast

Jul 20, 2017

This week host Scott MacMullan interviews L.A. born entrepreneur, restaurateur, brother of Hip-Hop Superstar LL Cool J - Ian Smith. Ian talks about growing up as the son of a "Coaster," a 1950s L.A. based rhythm and blues group and the brother of LL Cool J. He talks about his love for sailing in Annapolis. We discuss his real estate ventures and his restaurant that he is in the process of opening up on Maryland Ave or West Street in Annapolis. We discuss how Annapolis is a West Coast town on the East Coast. We talk about which Annapolis business person has similar hustle to LL Cool J and Def Jam Records. Ian Smith has lived a fascinating life and has a great, unique perspective of Annapolis. Please listen, share and subscribe to the Annapolis Podcast!

Ian's Restaurant Project for Maryland Ave or West Street: Parisi's Delicatessen

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