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The Annapolis Podcast

Mar 28, 2018

This week host Scott MacMullan talks to Mary Ostrowski. Mary is an educator for more than 15 years, working as an elementary and high school teacher, an administrator, and most recently as the Head of School for a private school serving grades PK3 - 12 in the Republic of Panama. She recently acquired Weems Creek Nursery School in Annapolis (the founding family had a 46-year run!). Her niche lately has been guiding children and their parents and teachers in nurturing the "soft" skills of learning -- that is, life skills such as organization and time-management, conflict-resolution, analyzing right vs wrong, questioning why, and problem-solving to name a few. Based on her experience teaching, she feels it's these types of skills that are the foundation upon which all academic learning builds. The stronger children are in these life skills, the more organized, confident and resilient they are to manage the ups and downs that come with academic learning. With that passion leading the way, she added a coaching certification to her educational background, and founded Healthy Equation -- a coaching practice supporting the healthy development of children's behavioral and organizational skills through a focus on strategies specific to boys versus girls as based on research of gender learning differences. 

Mary gave us some invaluable insight in this episode. Please listen, share and subscribe!