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The Annapolis Podcast

Sep 29, 2016

This week's guest on The Annapolis Podcast is Ralph Crosby. Mr. Crosby is the author of Memoirs of a Main Street Boy: Growing up in America's Ancient City The "Ancient City" he is talking about is, of course, Annapolis. 

We talk about his book which tells the tale of growing up at a tempestuous time in U.S. History in Annapolis. Mr. Crosby grew up right on Main Street Annapolis. His dad worked for many years as a steel worker at the Naval Academy. He snuck into pool halls, usually worked at one of the many grocery stores in Annapolis and read books at the library that was at Reynolds Tavern. He talks about going to Annapolis High during the nuclear age, lifting weights at the Market House and "the other side" of Annapolis, which the Hell Point area. We go into race relations in Annapolis during his day. Present day discussion on the preservation of Annapolis and the "restauranting" of Annapolis is had. Finally, we talk about his vision for the future of Annapolis, as well as his mega-successful marketing firm, which is based out of Annapolis and DC. Ralph Crosby is a true Annapolis success story. Please listen, share and subscribe to this fascinating storyteller tell his Annapolis story!

Treat yourself to this Annapolis treasure here: Memoirs of a Main Street Boy: Growing up in America's Ancient City

Crosby Marketing


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Coming soon on the Podcast: County Councilman Chris Trumbauer, Civil Rights Leader Carl Snowden and Judicial Candidate Claudia Barber.